Can gerbils eat pineapple?

Can gerbils eat pineapple

Pineapple is a fruit of the bromeliads family of plants that grow in soil, it is sweet, juicy, tangy, full of vitamin C, and grown in tropical climates.

Pineapple is a fantastic natural tropical fruit most people find refreshing and sweet, but is it OK to share it with your pet? Can gerbils eat pineapple? If so How much and how often can they eat it?

Gerbils should not eat pineapple, it’s full of good nutrients but the high water content of 88% and the highly acidic nature of the pineapple will give gerbils an upset tummy and potentially diarrhea.

Choosing the best fruits and vegetables to balance your gerbil’s diet is important but not as important as their main diet which is generally hay and seeds, we recommend the Oxbow Garden Select Fortified Food for Gerbils (check current price at Amazon) it’s made with natural ingredients and it’s in pellets form which is best for gerbils because they tend to get picky with their seeds.

Do gerbils eat pineapple in the wild?

Gerbils are desert species, hint the surname desert rats, they live in the desert while pineapple is grown in a tropical climate which is very different from the arid climate gerbils live in.

So in the wild gerbils have no chance of eating pineapple or any similar fruit, gerbils feed on a variety of grasses, roots, seeds, and some insects on occasions.

Pineapple does not grow in the desert so it’s not part of the gerbil’s natural diet that’s why you should be careful when feeding your gerbil foods that does not grow in their natural habitat.

Can baby gerbils eat pineapple?

Baby gerbils from birth to the age of three weeks feed exclusively on their mom’s milk, their teeth are not fully grown and their eyes are not open yet.

From the age of three to five weeks gerbil babies start to mouth and gnaw on solid food but they still rely on their mother’s milk.

Gerbil pups are weaned at the age of five weeks and can eat whatever adult gerbils eat, but they have a very sensitive digestive system and pineapple is far too acidic for them so it’s better to avoid it.

Do gerbils like pineapple?

Gerbils generally don’t like acidic fruits like pineapple and oranges, but they’ll generally eat anything you give them.

However, they don’t have a preference for pineapple and would prefer to have other foods if given a choice.

The gerbil’s favorite food is generally the fatty seeds and foods that have a crunchy texture that they can gnaw on.

Is pineapple safe for gerbils?

Ripe pineapple is not toxic so it’s not poisonous for gerbils, however, the unripe flesh, thorns, and leaves can have toxic effects.

This is due to the enzyme bromelain, it is low in toxicity for a human but for a small pet like gerbils, it can cause gastric problems.

Although ripe pineapple is not poisonous to gerbils, the highly acidic levels of the fruit make it unsafe for gerbils.

Pineapple is also rich in water content and gerbils are not used to consuming too much water being desert species their body has adapted to little water consumption and they don’t pee as much as other rodents and their feces are very dry which is why they don’t smell.

Is pineapple good for gerbils?

Pineapple is a good source of vitamins especially vitamin C, which is good for the immune system, it also contains Vitamins A, B6, E, and K.

Pineapple is also rich in calcium and other minerals which are good for the gerbil’s health and it’s a good source of Antioxidants.

pineapple contains bromelain which is derived of the botanic name bromeliads family of plants which is know for it’s ability to lower inflammation.

All in all, pineapple is brimming with good nutrients that could be very healthy for gerbils, but the acidic nature of the fruit and the high water content makes it unsafe for them.

How much pineapple can gerbils eat?

Some gerbil owners say that feeding your little guy small amounts of pineapple is safe, we do not share the same opinion.

It is possible to overlook the water content in the pineapple for the nutritious value since at worst it can cause diarrhea, but the acidic nature of the pineapple is just unsafe for gerbils and can if consumed in large quantities cause serious gastric problems.

So, we advise against feeding gerbils pineapple in any quantity and there are far better alternatives with similar nutrients that are safe for gerbils to consume.

How often can gerbils eat pineapple?

It is good to feed gerbils water rich fruits when they are dehydrated, or once every few months for the nutrients in them but pineapple is just not worth the risk.

So gerbils should never be fed pineapple and there is wide variety of fruits and vegetables to replace it with.

Ways gerbils can eat pineapple

gerbils can eat pineapple

Most foods have a different nutritious profile depending on the way they are served, some nutrients are lost while the concentration of others is higher.

The following is a list of the most common ways pineapple is consumed and could potentially be fed to gerbils.

Can gerbils eat fresh pineapple?

Like we’ve established so far pineapple is not a good choice of food for gerbils, it’s too acidic and water-rich that’s why gerbils should not eat fresh pineapple.

Can gerbils eat unripe pineapple?

Unripe pineapple contains toxic effects along with the thorns, and leaves, it sure has a low toxicity level but for a small animal like the gerbil, it could be dangerous.

So unripe pineapple is even worst for gerbil and they should never eat it.

Can gerbils eat dried pineapple?

Dried fruits generally have higher concentration of nutrients due to the drying process, and the pineapple is no different.

Dried Pineapple has a lot less water content but it’s still too acidic for gerbils to eat so they should avoid it.

Can gerbils eat pineapple juice?

Not only pineapple juice is too acidic but the water content is too high, it would cause gerbils instant digestive problems and diarrhea.

Pineapple nutrient facts

can gerbils eat pineapple

Pineapple is brimming with great nutrients and is a very healthy fruit, it’s a good source of calories, carbs, fat and vitamins.

For the data geeks we’ve gathered in details the nutrient facts of pineapple per serving size of 100 g :


Betaine0.1 mg
Choline5.5 mg
Folate18.00 mcg
Folic acid0.00 mcg
Niacin0.500 mg
Pantothenic acid0.213 mg
Riboflavin0.032 mg
Thiamin0.079 mg
Vitamin A58.00 IU
    Vitamin A, RAE3.00 mcg
    Carotene, alpha0.00 mcg
    Carotene, beta35.00 mcg
    Cryptoxanthin, beta0.00 mcg
    Lutein + zeaxanthin0.00 mcg
    Lycopene0.00 mcg
Vitamin B120.00 mcg
    Vitamin B12, added0.00 mcg
Vitamin B60.112 mg
Vitamin C47.8 mg
Vitamin D0.00 mcg
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)0.02 mg
    Vitamin E, added0.00 mg
    Tocopherol, beta0.00 mg
    Tocopherol, delta0.00 mg
    Tocopherol, gamma0.00 mg
    Tocotrienol, alpha0.02 mg
    Tocotrienol, beta0.00 mg
    Tocotrienol, delta0.00 mg
    Tocotrienol, gamma0.00 mg
Vitamin K0.7 mcg


Carbohydrate13.12 g
Fiber1.4 g
Sugars9.85 g
  Fructose2.12 g
  Galactose0.00 g
  Glucose (dextrose)1.73 g
  Lactose0.00 g
  Maltose0.00 g
  Starch0.00 g
  Sucrose5.99 g


Calcium, Ca13.00 mg
Copper, Cu0.110 mg
Iron, Fe0.29 mg
Magnesium, Mg12.00 mg
Manganese, Mn0.927 mg
Phosphorus, P8.00 mg
Potassium, K109.00 mg
Selenium, Se0.1 mcg
Sodium, Na1.00 mg
Zinc, Zn0.12 mg

Proteins and Aminoacids

Protein0.54 g
  Alanine0.033 g
  Arginine0.019 g
  Aspartic acid0.121 g
  Cystine0.014 g
  Glutamic acid0.079 g
  Glycine0.024 g
  Histidine0.010 g
  Isoleucine0.019 g
  Leucine0.024 g
  Lysine0.026 g
  Methionine0.012 g
  Phenylalanine0.021 g
  Proline0.017 g
  Serine0.035 g
  Threonine0.019 g
  Tryptophan0.005 g
  Tyrosine0.019 g
  Valine0.024 g
  Phenylalanine + Tyrosine0.04 g
  Methionine + Cysteine0.012 g

Conclusion: Can gerbils eat pineapple

Can gerbils eat pineapple
  • Gerbils can not eat pineapple, it’ too acidic and full of water content.
  • Gerbils can not eat dried pineapple or pineapple juice.
  • Gerbils should not eat any acidic fruit they cause gastric problems.
  • Fruits that are rich in water content can cause diarrhea.
  • Pineapple should not be fed to gerbils even in small amounts.

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